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Ask Our Mayor & Councilmen to Support Wal-Mart Resolution

Due to its proximity to town, development at Capital Plaza impacts our neighborhood and sets the tone for future development along the Route 202 and Route 450 corridors.  The Town Council is on the record as supporting the opportunity to bring much-needed shopping into our community.  However, there must be a reasonable accommodation of the surrounding communities.

Progressive Cheverly is asking Wal-Mart and the Nellis Corporation to be good corporate neighbors by complying with basic community standards.  We are supporting a Cheverly Town resolution on Community Standards.  The resolution is scheduled for a vote by the Town Council at the September 8th, 2006 Cheverly Town Meeting, 8 pm.

(To see current proposed Town Resolution, click here.)

Call the Mayor and your councilmember to urge them to endorse the Community Standards Resolution

Ward 1: Stephen Hofmann (301-322-3372)

Ward 2: Micah Watson (301-322-8482)

Ward 3: Norman Oslik (301-322-5272)

Ward 4: Leon Schachter (301-722-6244)

Ward 5: Gbola Oladele (301-772-8343)

Ward 6: Vincent L. Ford (301-341-0810)

Mayor:  Julia Mosley (301) 773-0248 or 773-7891 

Here are the Community Standards:  

  • Provide staff with livable wages and affordable health benefits

  • Ban the sale of firearms and sale of firearms ammunition throughout the store

  • Ban the sale of liquor throughout the store

  • Eliminate a grocery store component in order to protect existing food service jobs at Capital Plaza

  • Safeguard union organizing and union representation for all employees

  • Provide ongoing security: lighting; parking lot security; appropriate fencing

  • Limit store hours; no 24-hour store contributing to crime

  • Provide ongoing community space, such as meeting space, for civic use

  • Give local, qualified residents priority in hiring

  • Consult with the Town as to the exterior design features of the store and commit to constructing a facility that will improve and enhance the community

  • Help bring quality dining establishments to the revitalized Capitol Plaza Shopping Center

Town Council meets Thursday, September 8, 2006


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