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Prince George’s Hospital  


Progressive Cheverly has been very active in trying to focus attention on the healthcare crisis facing residents of Prince George's County if the county hospital center would close.

Keep our Care Coalition: In October 2008 Progressive Cheverly joined the Keep our Care Coalition targeted at the imminent sale of the Prince George's Healthcare System to a private healthcare system. The coalition wants to ensure that in the rush to privatize, current healthcare services are protected and enhanced. Specifically, the coalition is insisting that any successful bidder ensure full access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, work to eliminate health disparities due to race, gender and other factors, and commit to providing high quality healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured populations. The coalition has testified at Hospital Authority meetings, sent a letter outlining these positions and is delivering 1,000 signatures on a petition. (more info:

In February, 2007, Progressive Cheverly issued and distributed a statement about Prince George's Hospital Center (PGHC) and its parent Dimensions Healthcare System.


In Fall, 2007, Progressive Cheverly undertook a petition drive and delivered about 1,000 signatures to state and local officials reiterating the importance of saving our Hospital.

  •  Click here for petition letter to officials. (PDF file)

The petition states:

  • WE NEED a first-class, community-based healthcare system in Prince George's County.

  • WE MUST get beyond politics and band-aid measures for Prince George’s Hospital.

  • WE CALL UPON Governor O’Malley and the General Assembly to act now to make this vision.


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