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PROGRESSIVE CHEVERLY is working for change through…

  •  Advocacy for progressive policies, legislation and action

  •  Monitoring and responding to proposed economic and environmental developments in Cheverly and its surroundings

  •  Community Forums for civic education, dialogue and debate on issues of local, state and national significance

  •  Book and film discussions on topics of civic interest and

  •  Collaborative activities with other organizations to advance mutual goals.

Specific past, current and planned activities include the following:

  • Advocating for state and local legislation related to health care, environment, education, equal rights, voter rights, election reform and economic fairness.

  • Organizing to oppose Wal-Mart’s coming into Capital Plaza and to establish stronger community standards for big-box stores moving into our community.

  • Working to protect Prince George’s Hospital Center.

  • Conducting discussion groups about books and articles that challenge us politically and intellectually.

  • Reaching out to civic associations and elected officials in our community to talk about issues of mutual interest.

  • Planning public forums on issues of wide public concern—from local issues, such as the future of Prince George’s Hospital Center, to national issues, such as proposals to reform Social Security.

  • To see our upcoming activities, see our Calendar of Events.


If this sounds like progress to you, JOIN US!

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