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August 19, 2006:  As you know, the Cheverly Town Council, once again, considered their Wal-Mart resolution at their August 11th Town Council Meeting.  Progressive Cheverly members have consistently come to both Town Council and work session meetings and last Thursday was no exception.  Unfortunately, the Town Council chose, once again, not to take any action.  The Council has submitted a number of questions to Wal-Mart and has resisted acting on the resolution until Wal-Mart has responded.  My sense is that some of the Town Council members have taken the view that any action by Cheverly on a resolution weakens their ability to negotiate with Wal-Mart to achieve the goals the Council is most interested in.  (click to view the proposed resolution)  To their credit, the Mayor and Town Council has taken various steps to help ensure that the ultimate design of the Wal-Mart store is not the classic warehouse box store but something more aesthetically pleasing.
My understanding is that Wal-Mart will be on the agenda for the Town Council's work session on August 25th but that there will be no votes.  It is always useful for Progressive Cheverly to be present when this issue is being discussed.  While not essential, I would encourage any of our members to go to these meetings, especially if they have never attended previously.  I will not be there since I will be on vacation.
Additionally, as many of you know, Progressive Cheverly has been working over the past four months with a number of municipalities, elected officials, community development organizations, civic associations, and citizens who reside close to Capital Plaza to address the need for community standards for large retail stores that are planning to move into our community.   The Coalition considered the community standards proposed by Progressive Cheverly and made a number of changes.  The final document, which is posted on the Progressive Cheverly web site, has been formally endorsed by the following: 
  • Port Towns Community Development Corporation

  • Greater Landover Knolls Civic Association

  • Town of Colmar Manor Mayor and Council

  • Town of Bladensburg Mayor and Council

  • Town of Edmonston Mayor and Council

  • Progressive Cheverly


This statement has been forwarded to both Wal-Mart and the Nellis Corporations with the hope that a meeting will take place between Coalition representatives and officials of Wal-Mart and Nellis.  Officials of the County Executive's Office and County Council Members David Harrington and Tom Hendershot have been working with the Coalition and are helping to facilitate a possible meeting with all the parties involved.  Regardless of  what impact we are able to have on Wal-Mart and the Nellis  Corporations, the process of working together with surrounding communities has been a very positive one and hopefully will provide for opportunities to continue to work together on other issues in the future.

Madeleine Golde, Co-Chair



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